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We Can Haul Your Toys.

Motor cycles are beautiful machines, and motor cycle shipping requires extraordinary care and attention to every minute detail. Fortunately for you, Handy Freight Brokers are known for their ability to safely transport motor cycles around the country as well as around the world.

Motor Cycle Shipping

In addition to motor cycle shipping, we're also experts at ATV shipping, snowmobile shipping, jet ski shipping, and automobile shipping. More and more people are using Handy Freight Brokers for these specialized services because we get the job done right and we save you money in the process.

This service also includes eBay buyers and sellers of motor cycles and other sport vehicles. We want to offer our services for any and all of your transportation needs. Motor cycle shipping and sport vehicle shipping have become a large part of our LTL program here at Handy Freight Brokers.

Snow Mobile Shipping

Knowing what is important to our customers we will strive in every way to provide you with the best service in our industry this will include one of our trained LTL (less than truck load) specialist to offer all kinds of shipping services. Motor cycle shipping is one of our major called for services to date if you have one motor cycle for motor cycle shipping or a full truck load of motor cycles please feel free to call us for all of your motor cycle shipping needs.

Jet Ski Shipping

To define what motor cycle shipping would consist of is calling one of our trained professional agents for a quote and setting up shipment with one of our professional LTL (less than truck load) carriers that have specialized for many years to provide all of our valued customers polite and professional services. When our drivers show up to pick up your bike(s) for transport we will send a van trailer with lift gate to move the bike or palleted bike for transport. Motor cycle shipping can be defined as a three foot shipment making a less costly means of shipping.

ATV Shipping

We have helped individual customers from doctors to bikers move their motor cycles from all over the world. Helping you with all of your motor cycle shipping needs is what Handy Freight Brokers are here for. We hope that any and all of your motor cycle shipping needs become one of our main helps for you as an individual shipper or commercial shipper to any where domestic or world wide.

Please never hesitate to call one of our trained professionals at Handy Freight Brokers for a quote today on your motor cycle shipping or any transportation needs.

ABOUT US: Handy Freight Brokers is a commercial and residential freight broker serving the needs of domestic and international shippers from our offices located in Cedar Rapids,Ia. We are a Transportation based enterprise and have built our business on principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and trust in all of our dealings with customers, suppliers, freight handlers and employees. We provide a wide range of logistics management services and our motto is, “Any Load, Anywhere---with Superior Service!” An important element within our overall range of services is our ability to offer discounts to all of our customers, with savings through our strategic alliance with major freight shipping companies having extensive domestic and international logistics capabilities. All Handy Freight Brokers' shipments are transported by professional carriers licensed by the United States Department of Transportation and meet all regulatory standards. We will gladly provide “Fast & Accurate Rate Quotes” for any load and we believe that no load is too big or to handle. Please click on this link for a complete list of our freight movement services.

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Handy Freight Brokers is an experienced domestic and international freight brokerage and freight logistics company serving commercial and residential freight shippers with the motto, "Any Load, Any Size, Anywhere...for LESS!"

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